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Friday, December 16, 2005

Here's To Nuthin'

I am 100% certain that before I actually finish this post I will get interrupted at least fourteen more times. I am about 87% certain that before I actually finish this post, I will leave work (I'm leaving a little early today). So, here's a compilation of my interruptions this morning.

7:05 - Diane and Ken were nervous about getting the Adopt-A-Family gifts wrapped, so we found an open conference room and wrapped about a million gifts.
7:45 - Dave was nervous about getting the presents in boxes so we went out to my car to get the boxes.
8:10 - Bev called in sick so Ken and I went to pick up her presents.
8:45 - Roscoe called and said that he would be late today, because he was picking up his Adopt-A-Family presents.
9:00 - Roscoe showed up with his presents which need to be wrapped and boxed.
9:10 - Ken and I loaded up Diane's Suburban.
9:30 - Ken and I dropped off the gifts at the Distribution Center.
10:00 - Kirk hasn't checked his email and so hasn't approved my leave.
10:45 - Kirk needed to make a change on my leave slip.
10:46 - Kirk doesn't know how to make the necessary change.
10:48 - Leave slip was resent to Kirk.
10:50 - I sent the incorrect leave slip to Kirk.
10:52 - I sent the correct leave slip to Kirk.
10:57 - My sister, Lisa, called about Christmas, etc.
11:04 - Jenny emailed about the "unofficial" Christmas dinner our work-group was going to have next Tuesday.
11:12 - Stomach growls.....

And this is how it's been all week. But wait a minute.... I think I'm done..... I might actually get this out..... but I need to run spell-check..... And..... Oh yeah, I have a meeting right before I leave.... so gotta run.... Hopefully you'll hear more from me next week!......
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Sounds like a fun day.

7:05am and you have an hour drive! You must be up pretty early in the morning. Yikes!

19/12/05 19:55  

So it sounds like your life is one big interuption! I mean you're erupting with interuptions. How rude life can be! I wish it would just get out of my way. Excuse me I believe I hear the phone ringing again! (It's not really ringing, just in case you thought that it was. . .)

20/12/05 12:38  

Josh: Today, my interuptions were interupted.

Janelle: Yeah, I actually have a 45 minute drive (still too long) and I had to get there at 7:00 because Kenny and Diane were really worried that we wouldn't get our presents wrapped.

20/12/05 14:42  

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