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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Mysteries Solved!

Brian and I were talking on the phone last night and I was tired, because I'm sicker than a dog, and after asking me a couple of questions, I realized (in my altered state - because in my regular state I probably wouldn't admit this) that I'm not a trivia queen. So, here's some stuff that I never knew and now I do, because I'm waiting for the doctor downstairs to call so I've been *google*ing stuff. So, here is some random trivia I've gleaned.

So, there's some random stuff for a weird, coldish day in January.

posted by Julie at 9:26 AM


Cried? Cried! Neil Diamond is so awesome I can almost not stand it. Oh Julie.

5/1/06 10:48  

I just cried again.

5/1/06 10:50  


5/1/06 10:58  


5/1/06 11:59  



5/1/06 12:14  

i took care of your dog. wasn't that nice of me? definately.

5/1/06 17:52  

Now I am going to go to bed singing a werid mix of Kiss on a Rose and I'm a Believer. It's gonig to take a while to get that mix out of my head!

5/1/06 23:04  


come on cuz!! you betta get with it...not only are waibels supposed to be huge Neil Diamond fans, but I know that Knudstrup's, for a fact, own his greatest hits album... and so you better start "cracklin' rose" and "Shiloh when I was young".

And can we forget one of the greatest songs ever??!! "Sweet Caroline" Come on! Any girl would melt when that song is sung...especially if it sung by one named... Brian??


6/1/06 09:40  

Juls (The Sick One) I am so thankful for this info. Really you've made a believer out of me. There's nothing useless in life now that I know some of this trivia. I'm going to go start collecting cheap native american figurines, and Coke memerobilia!

6/1/06 11:27  

Jake: I'm not sure if you remember or not the time that Brian and I got into a shoving match in the middle Barnes and Noble (the one across from campus) because he said something about how he liked Neil Diamond. I am painfully aware that Brian and I do not have the same opinion on Neil Daimond. We're in therapy for it. :) Just kidding.

9/1/06 10:37  

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