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Friday, December 30, 2005

2005 In Sum

Memorable Moments - Month By Month

Everyone has Summaries of the year. And I am always jealous. Because I usually don't have enough stuff happening in a year to make it worth while to sum it up. But this year I have a venue for which to consider my year and so I will - boring or not.

Every year the only good thing about January is the birthday/Martin Luther King Jr. Day combo. My birthday is the 18th, so every year, I get a random day off on the week of my birthday. Which I like. A lot. And this particular year the choir that I'm in traveled down to Illinois (on bus.... where I played my dad's hand-held Yahtzee) on the Martin Luther King Jr holiday.

There was actually two major events in February, neither of which are particularly pleasant, but things I'll always remember just the same. The day before Valentine's Day, I got into an accident while "on a business trip" in Downtown Detroit and in the last days of February, I moved across the parking lot to a different apartment in the same complex. The weekend I got back from the fateful business trip, the Detroit yg had some people up to go ice skating. It was pretty much the best thing that happened to me that month. :)

Went to Kansas for the whole month. It was a scream. Loved it. I met neat people.... I found out what a "blog" is.... I enjoyed spring (both in KS and then when I got back to MI - it was awesome!).... I got to see the Flint Hills.... I got no sleep.... etc. etc. Basically March was a very fun month.

I started my blog. I visited New Orleans for work (pre-hurricane). Was introduced to Jambalaya (which is like cajun left-over soup - it's very tasty).

VACATION! I went out to Phoenix "for work" and stayed an extra week or so with my friends, Beth (and her husband, Ben) and Maryann, and my aunt and uncle. It was awesome. I think every May I'm going to spend a week in Arizona so that I can soak up some 95 degree weather and some sun. Beth and I went to this neat store that sells material by the pound.... I got to ride a bike.... had Jamba Juice.... Awesome.

Went to what is looking like my last official "young group weekend" in Latty, OH. It was a pig roast. Pretty exciting.

Brooke, Ashley, and Tommy (from KS) and Kristi (from Ohio) came up to Michigan to hang with us the weekend before the fourth (incidentally - how 'bout a reunion of that weekend for Brian and my wedding?). We did lots of fun stuff including running around with sparklers like we were ten. It was very fun. Then my family got together for the fourth and fifth in Grand Rapids (like we always) do. Oh yeah, and July 26th was my 1 year anniversary at work (congratulations to me)!

I'm pretty sure this was the most boring month ever because I couldn't think of anything that happened in August except my alternator going out and I getting stuck in Battle Creek for a weekend (which, now that I think about it, was pretty traumatizing).

There was several things worth mentioning about September (none of which were caused, created, or effected by me). Hurricane Katrina went through, so I joined the Red Cross. Joining the Red Cross made me feel like I should get out into the community more, so I also started swimming again and went to the Y. Mill End (the best store in Bay City) closed. And the Oldies station in Lansing turned into some weird boy-band station. Grr. Still a little mad about the Mill End and boy-band things.

Unbeknownst (is that a word?) to me, Brian went to go talk to his elder about asking me to marry him in October. Meanwhile, I was very busy having another August-like boring month. The only thing I can think of was that I went home for John's (my brother in law) ordination.

Brian and I got engaged (and although I'm sure lots of other stuff happened, that's all I have to say about November)!

I went to Seattle for the first time in my life! It was cool. I have never been north of LA on the West Coast. Pathetic, I know, since LA is pretty much as far south as you can go on the West Coast and still be in the US. And then there was Christmas. Brian and I split our three days together between our families. It was a lot of fun. Though, ironically, he was more nervous than I was when we were with his family, and I was more nervous than he was when we were with my family.

So, that's my year in summation. Mostly boring (thanks for reading), but there were some serious highlights and I have to say, I will always look back on 2005 as one of the most interesting years of my existence to date.

Happy 2006!
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I think all of you usual commment makers are still on vacation.

Nice recap, mine would be so boring compared to yours so I won't even attempt it.

3/1/06 12:44  

Whoo Hoo! I seriously can't believe the year went by that fast. ...and I really can't believe I've known you that short of a time, yet it's seemed like FOR-EVER. (Not in a bad way :p) this reunion, are there going to be more sparklers??

3/1/06 14:12  

Happy Flag Day and MLK Day to you too kid.

3/1/06 17:29  

Josh: Thanks, MLK Day is the weekend before my b-day, so it will be very good. And I get the day off. Yaaa!

Brooke: I can definitey arrange for there to be some sparklers.

Janelle: But you bought a house!!!! That's totally not boring!

3/1/06 18:43  

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