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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

This Picture Cracks Me Up

(In a good way)
This picture totally makes me laugh (in a very good way). There's just something about it that seems so.... I can't think of the right word. I just like it a lot. We took it when we walked down to the pier in Manistee (on Lake Michigan) the day after Christmas. Just in case anyone was wondering it was very, very cold on the Lake, and very, very windy.
posted by Julie at 8:32 AM


Yeah it cracks me up too. . .b/c you're both in it! Oh man am I funny. . .you're not laughing. Juls put the knife down.

4/1/06 10:51  

I like it. You kind of look like you were laughing when you took it. It appears every picture we see of you and Brian will be a close up taken by the two of you!

4/1/06 16:03  

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