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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

You Can Tell Me It's Hideous Now

Because I was joking!

All day (well, not all day, but you get the picture) on Monday I spent hunting for the perfect dress to upload on my blog and scare everyone with. I was looking for something horrible, but not so horrible that no one would believe me. And the dress below is the one I decided on.

But I did get a couple of funny stories out of it. The funniest, was that Brian (for the second time in his life) checked my blog. I emailed him and told him to check it, but he doesn't check his email every day and I kinda assumed he wouldn't get the email until I had posted something that said I was joking. Anyway, long story short, the poor guy didn't know what to say and/or do. He was trying to be supportive, but he said his heart stopped when he saw it (which I don't doubt). It doesn't help that my family has been "preparing" him that my dress is a little non-traditional (i.e. trendy). So, he was already prepared to be surprised, so when he saw it he just assumed....

Anyway, I think he might be still twitching from the incident. You may want to pray for a quick recovery. :)
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11/1/06 08:43  

After spending the entire day yesterday trying to decide what sort of comment I should make, I simply went for the cop-out.

Yes, the back of the dress has definitely exploded. I wonder what kind of explosives they used.

Do you think they were nuclear?

11/1/06 10:05  

A good question you ask... I think to make an explosion that significant, you'd have to have some really hard-core explosive.

For those of you who don't know what we're talking about, me and a friend of mine at work thought it looked like the dress's back had exploded. Then my friend said, "And then barfed."

11/1/06 11:08  

You really are too bored at work.

It looks like something we would have found in a bridal magazine in the 80s.

I am having visions of a little Julie, wearing an outfit like that when playing a certain stepmother demanding red pop. Those were the days...

11/1/06 16:58  

LOL!!! Those were INDEED the days. :)

12/1/06 08:08  

I am feeling my bro's pain. Juls I can't believe you would torture your future husband like that! I am twitching in solidarity.

12/1/06 13:14  


14/1/06 02:51  

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