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Friday, January 20, 2006

Ways I Have Officially Turned Into A Psycho Bride

Confession: It has been confirmed. I'm a crazy bride. I always thought I'd be one of those cool brides who doesn't let anything ruffle her and is just as calm as a cucumber. Guess what! I'm not. It's OK to laugh at me. I realize I'm crazy. Let me explain to you how I'm crazy.
  1. During registering (which was super fun), I found a red, chili pepper wreath which I fell in love with. Brian, on the other hand, reasonably assumed that it was the tackiest thing he has ever seen (it was tacky - but still very, very cool!). After using one of his "absolute no's" (we had a sort of pact where you got so many no-questions-asked vetos), I mentioned it no fewer than a hundred times. And still bring it up periodically.
  2. I called my sister this morning to see if my dress had been dropped off yet (she was the only person I could think of who would be home to sign for it) and it had been delivered. Within a matter of minutes I had excitedly called and/or emailed everyone I've ever met to tell them that it came.
  3. I just spent almost two hours looking for thank-you cards online (and I still didn't find anything that I liked).
  4. I wasted eight trees and the afternoons of 3 federal employees to pick out fonts for our invitations.
  5. I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 17 pictures of Brian and I in my cube at work (and of course they all look exactly the same, except we're wearing different clothes).
  6. Cameron - my carpool friend - is about to disown me, because the 50 mile drive gives me way, way too long to describe every wedding detail.
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Poor Cameron

20/1/06 15:42  

You only get married once so why not make a fuss over it? Take this from someone who has never been engaged or married..

20/1/06 15:47  

True. True.

Fortunately for Cameron (or maybe unfortunately), she just got married herself, and has lots of ideas that I hadn't thought of.... yet. :)

20/1/06 16:28  

When are you getting hitched? I'm sure whatever details you have, it will be beautiful.

20/1/06 17:37  

Hey, I'm degradatated (not that I can spell it) - i didn't get a call. :)

You really need to make a trip home here, I need to see the psycho bride up close and personal.

You have reminded Brian that this too shall pass, right?

20/1/06 23:31  

Well, enjoy it while you can because after July 2nd no one will so easily forgive your font obsession anymore. ;)

21/1/06 10:13  

At least I was able to keep my obsessions to myself most of the time... the hardest part was dealing with my family. They all seemed to want to offer ideas and acted offended if I said "Nah...we don't like that!" I think it's cute that you're excited about this big event. :) I wouldn't expect anything less from you, J!

23/1/06 06:42  

You guys are right. I think I will be forgiven for all my craziness. And I also expect it to end very abruptly on July the third. ;)

25/1/06 17:06  


accept. embrace.

29/1/06 12:59  

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