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Monday, January 30, 2006

I've Officially Graduated!

There are certain moments in a person's life that may seem insignificant, but are really important. The day I became "officially technological" was one such day. Another such day occurred Saturday, January 28, 2006. You may wonder about the significance of a random sounding day as January 28th, but wonder no more. January 28, 2006 was the day I officially graduated from "Oil-free" facial moisturizer to "Combination skin" moisturizer. Some of you may not realize the right-of-passage that was crossed when I started using a moisturizer that has oil in it, but in my mind I equate it with womanhood. When you can stop worrying about pimples and start worrying about wrinkles, you have made it! I have been waiting for this day for about 25 years now, I finally feel like an adult.

Unfortunately, my moment of self-importance was ruined about ten minutes ago, when my co-worker, Laura, who is a woman with very lovely skin at the age of 50, told me that she just found a pimple the other day. So, perhaps, "Combination skin" doesn't mean that you can stop worrying about pimples, perhaps it means you have to worry about both pimples and wrinkles at the same time. So, I thought to myself, "isn't that just like adulthood? Just when you think it's cool to be an adult something happens to remind you that you're just a very old kid."

So, in this brief moment of time where I'm not getting neither zits nor wrinkles, I'm going to enjoy it. I'm sure it last another 45 minutes.
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I'm so envious - I've been waiting to officially enter womanhood for a long time now. You'd think graduating college and going into debt, becoming financially independent, getting married, and discussing having children with your own mother would pass a girl into womanhood.
But no.
It's only when you stop worrying about zits and start worrying about wrinkles that girlhood has passed.
So hats off Julie, official graduate of girlhood!

31/1/06 13:41  

Sounds like a good window to get married in.

31/1/06 13:51  

*whiny voice* ...but I'm still getting pimples....

31/1/06 15:59  

Bet you're wondering who the heck this is... let's see if you remember... *evil.... zapp!!!!!!!*
That's right... 'tis I, Jennifer from good ol' Pinny...
Congrats on the engagement & the apparent graduation... LOL
Hope all is well!
Take Care!
sammonpatty at hotmail is my e-mail. :-)

31/1/06 23:41  

Oh my gosh! Hi! Long time no talk! How's it going? I was just talking about band this morning with my friend, Cameron, on the way to work!... How's it going??

1/2/06 08:02  

Juls ah once again you have managed to say something profound (whether you intended to or not) in a humorous way.

Luke who would want to get married in a window?

1/2/06 13:09  

I'm sure I can speak for all when I say thank you for including us all in this very emotionally adulthood feeling time! *tear*

2/2/06 10:52  

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