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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day, DeBrands Fine Chocolates, And Rubberband Bracelets

Today is Valentine's Day. Up until the year 2006, Valentine's Day has been the bane of my existence. Up until the year 2006, my Valentine's Days consisted of getting five bucks and Twizzlers from my mom with a cute little card that said to take myself out and get something sweet on her. Some years, my dad would send me flowers, which I always liked a lot (even though I don't particularly like flowers). Like the year I worked at HoneyBaked in East Lansing and I got a huge bouquet of pink roses delivered to the store (I still have the vase and not ironically, it is currently holding the red rose I got from Brian yesterday). That was actually my second best Valentine's Day. It was awesome to get an embarrassing bouquet from your dad at work on Valentine's day. Very thoughtful of him.

This year, I got a whole bunch of stuff. My usual ration of $5 from my mom was doubled, since I now have Brian, but I didn't get any Twizzlers (I think it was a pay-off). From Brian I got a box of DeBrands Fine Chocolates, a red rose, a newspaper (to look at the employment section), an adorable card, and the free installment of brand-new Bosch windshield wipers (very handy). When I got to work this morning, I had waiting for me on my desk (from my friend, Jenny) Hershey's Kisses, a couple of suckers, a pink and white swirl rubberband bracelet with "cutie" on it, and a dish towel with hearts on it. Very cute. It's been a very fun Valentine's Day.

This has easily been the best Valentine's Day of my life. Mostly because of the mixture of spending all day yesterday playing hookey, hanging out with Brian, and getting DeBrands Chocolate. For those of you not from Indiana, DeBrands Chocolatiers Headquaters is in Heaven. The chocolate from there should not be spelled with a lower-case "c". It's not chocolate, it's Chocolate. One look is intrigue. One taste is obsession. I have been to DeBrands before. I have tasted their Chocolate. I have become obsessed. But never have I received anything more than a single Chocolate in a white envelope. Yesterday, I got a box. A box! Do you sense the wonder?

Mid-gasp I heard my brain start reeling. Where should such a treasure be hidden? Where will it be safe? How can I protect it? My precious.....

Under my pillow? No. It may feel overheated.
In my car? No. It may feel cold.
In my closet? No. It may feel unappreciated.
In my cabinet? No. It may feel cramped.
In my safe-deposit box? No. It may feel lonely.
Yes, yes. The only sensible place to safely put a box of DeBrand Caramel and Pecan Chocolates is in my stomach. Yes, yes, it's the only logical thing.

In the meantime.....
Happy Valentine's Day to all!!
posted by Julie at 11:16 AM


I'm glad things are looking up...I'm jealous that your stomach gets to enjoy the delicious Chocolate, however. Too bad it's not a magic box that refills itself. That would have been the coolest! :) Take care!

14/2/06 18:54  

You my friend are a nut...but a very fun nut! My sista read this journal article to me in which Valentine's day was called "Compulsory Love Day"..which I love...but if I got Heaven worthy might be a good holiday as well!

15/2/06 01:58  

I'm really glad you had such a good day!!

15/2/06 08:55  

Awww! You know, they always say "A way to a man's heart is through his stomach" Well, I would like to coin the phrase "A way to a woman's heart is through Chocolates"

15/2/06 09:41  

I like that. I like that a lot. :) It's definitely true for me. Nothing says true love more than good chocolate.

And Brooke, when you move up here, if Vince hasn't already done so, I will introduce you to DeBrands.

Tracy, I'll have to look into a magic box of Chocolates. If there is such a thing maybe I would be more willing to share..... or maybe not.... ;)

15/2/06 12:11  

Julie... glad you had a great v-day... mine consisted of working from 12:30-11 p.m. and then again at 2 a.m. until 6. LOL who does that?!?!
things here are good - i live and work in saginaw - i work x-ray at covenant, love my job, for the most part (all jobs have their downfalls... like actually having to get out of bed to go! LOL). hope all is well with you!

15/2/06 13:04  

Jennifer: Thanks for the update! And congrats on getting a job you like! It's tricky. :) Doesn't it seem like forever since high school?? I was looking at pictures the other day because Brian and I are using pictures for our center-pieces at our wedding and so I was looking at pictures of high school and thinking to myself, "wow, I have changed so much and am yet exactly the same." :)

17/2/06 10:20  

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