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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Finding A New Job

Am I missing something? How does one go about finding a new job? I have been very actively looking for a new job for over a month now, but I still haven't found anything. I mean, I've applied for stuff, but I haven't even had an interview yet. Isn't that weird? Or maybe it's not weird, I don't know. I've been combing Career Builders every morning and applying to stuff that I'm qualified for, and ???..... I don't know, it's a mystery. Maybe you all have some insight, cuz I am running out of ideas.

But! lest I have an entire post without a list.... I will list the reasons why looking for a job is my least favorite thing to do. :)
  1. You can (or should) summarize all your life experiences on the front side of an 8 1/2X11 (can anyone hazard a guess at how hard that is for someone who likes words as much as I do?)
  2. What's a "Salary History"?? That's none of your (not you, some random HR person's) business - is what that is (I just did the indignant side-head-bob with that little statement).
  3. Isn't it a no-brainer that HR people from a potential job shouldn't try to contact your current employer? I do admit in an ideal world that would be very helpful, but the way it is, wouldn't you just get worked over if your boss found out that you were thinking of leaving?
  4. I was always under the impression that the squeaky wheel gets greased (not a practice I actually like - and would probably rather do without - but necessary all the same). If that's true, why don't employers post phone numbers or email address on Career Builders?
  5. How do you write a cover letter? I've written cover letters for years and still feel just as uncomfortable writing them today as I did when I started.

Grrr. Job hunting. But, apparently, it's a necessary evil. So, I keep doing it. But don't be surprised if I give it all up to be a Mystery Shopper (I still think that would be a fun alternative to a "normal" job - it would, at least, be way more fun than my current job).

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A Mystery Shopper! *gasp* I've always secretly (haha) wanted to be one of those! That totally beats spending your days on Job Finder.

8/2/06 16:30  

Amen sister!
There is NOTHING less enjoyable than the job search process.
At least, as far as I've experienced, anyhow.

8/2/06 18:48  

Brooke: LOL! We should sign up together.

Dona: I'm glad you understand my misery. ;) Hope your search has been better than mine. How is your search, btw?

9/2/06 08:40  

why are u looking for a new job?

12/2/06 19:22  

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