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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Are You Ever Curious?....

I have a long commute. And frankly, a very boring commute. I have already memorized all the billboards between here and there, and all the road signs, so now I watch trucks and license plates. I make up stories about people based on their license plates - even the ones that are "individualized" I come up with stories for. And I read semis as I pass them.

I have noticed for some time that even products with the smallest market have semis. Hobby Lobby has a semi - not that that's strange because I'm sure they do a lot of business - but I can just picture a semi full of little bags of beads, and mosaic tiles, and silk flowers. And it kinda makes me chuckle (even though I'm aware that it's not particularly funny).

But this morning I saw the most curious thing. I saw a truck carrying a huge advertisement for "Tango". Isn't Tango that weird orange drink that you can only get at places that carry specialty stuff? And isn't Tango not even made in the US? If these things are true, which I'm pretty sure I'm thinking of the correct Tango, do they really do so much business that they need a semi truck in Charlotte, Michigan. Curious. But entertaining.
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Pretty sure that's Tang ;)

Tango is a dance. A kind of fun one at that. In Charlotte, MI you have two studios that offer tango lessons:

Conservatory For Dance Arts
(517) 543-2505


The Dance Studio
(517) 541-9444

Just in case you are interested ;)

Tang, on the other hand, is the global leader in Kraft's powdered soft drink portfolio. By providing a nutritious, real fruit-flavored drink at an affordable price, Tang has gained great popularity in Latin America and emerging markets in Central and Eastern Europe and Asia, including People's Republic of China.

Here's a picture that brings back some citrusy memories:

23/2/06 12:11  

Nope, it was Tango. That's what made it so weird. Tango is that drink that you buy in glass bottles and it's basically just fancy orange pop from Europe.

Thanks for the dance studios, though. Maybe I'll sign up. ;)

23/2/06 14:43  

Our department head once mistook a large plastic jar of Savoral Butter flavoring for Tang.

Imagine taking a large refreshing gulp of...watered down Savoral Butter Flavor.

That was really really funny.

23/2/06 14:58  

Wow, way to be right!

23/2/06 15:53  

That's Julie... she totally knows how to be right. Isn't that true? ;)

Dude, stop with the word verification thing already. Spam comments aren't that bad, are they? I mean, swnxmg.

23/2/06 20:53  

Beth: LOL! Well brnhe back attacha

Brooke: Gross. :)

Dan: Isn't that weird?

24/2/06 11:29  

That's completely weird, and now I want some.

24/2/06 15:47  

Well, I'm 99.9% sure they sell it at Horrocks (in Lansing). I'm pretty sure that's where I've seen it before. ;)

27/2/06 07:56  

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