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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

An Alliteration

Incidentally, after an interrogation about an incident in Iraq, I will drive inch by inch on the interstate in an imposing ice-storm for an interview.

I have an interview tomorrow in Ft. Wayne after my weekly Iraq meeting at work. We're supposed to get an ice-storm. Eek.
posted by Julie at 4:51 PM


Pretty funny. Don't skid off the road. Good luck with your interview!

1/3/06 17:45  

Iraq meeting: check
Ice storm: check
Interview: ? (will keep you posted)

2/3/06 09:08  

So seriously sad, sarcastic, and silky.

A little alitteration along all lengths of agitated agriculture

Dude does that dive?

3/3/06 13:06  

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