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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Today I finished cleaning out my desk. I shredded all my time and attendance paperwork and brought in all the books for the classes that I didn't want and/or need. Last night I returned movies to Blockbuster, books to the library, and returned pop cans (for those of you who are unaware we get paid 10 cents per can in Michigan). I packed all my clothes (now I can't find anything), finished the flowers I was working on for the wedding (because I have a morbid fear of losing my supplies in the move). I washed all the dishes (our dishwasher is broken), I dusted all the furniture, and I did all my laundry. I filled out all the paperwork that I have for my new job in Fort Wayne (Oh! I don't think I told you that I got a job as a math instructor at a local community college - is that redundant?). I called the post office in a panic because I haven't gotten mail in about a week even though I only formally changed my address a few days ago. I scheduled an appointment for tomorrow evening in Fort Wayne to do a demonstration for my new boss, but I have to be back to work on Friday for half a day. *shake head* While I'm in Fort Wayne, I hope I can drop off my clothes and stuff at Jeff and Margo's. We'll see if I can find the time. I'm hoping that I can move on Saturday (Brian has to work on Friday now) but that too is looking unlikely. Maybe I'll just leave all my stuff there and let them take care of it after my lease is up. Can you do that? The weekend/Brooke and Vince's wedding was really nice. We enjoyed ourselves a lot. Even though it was really cold, it was a nice weekend and many congrats to Brooke and Vince.

Anyway, I feel way scattered. And I have a sore throat. And I'm a little hungry even though I just ate lunch. But on a lighter note, tonight is my going away party with my work friends. We're going out to Chinese. That's fun. Anyway, hopefully everything will get done. I don't know how it'll get done, but it has to right? And next week I have "off". By "off" I mean I have an appointment on Monday in Ft. Wayne and have to sit at Brian's house until our table comes while he's at work on Tuesday and then come back to Michigan to "clean" my apartment and turn in my keys etc. But other than that, I have next week "off". So, maybe I'll get some sleep and be able to relax then.
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YEAH! Congrats on the job! How soon do you have to start?

Do you realize you are following in your moms footsteps? Never saw that coming, did you.

So sad to think you are moving to Indiana, a state that doesn't give you 10 cents back for every can of pop you drink.

Hope you feel better soon. Remember, if you need help moving the first week in April, I am available.

22/3/06 16:08  

Ah dude I love it when prayers are answered!

Make sure you take some moments Juls to savor this turning point in your life. It's huge and you are in my prayers. You know that.

Call me if you need help moving this weekend. I won't be available.

What is the future of your blog looking like?

23/3/06 13:35  

It was good to see you this weekend, Julie. :) Good luck with the move.
What kind of math are you going to be teaching?

23/3/06 13:56  

Wow. Sounds like you're getting ready for a wedding or something...?

You cannot imagine how excited I am that you are now going to be 45 minutes away instead of 14 hours. :P

27/3/06 09:52  

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