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Monday, April 03, 2006

Dr. Suess Wanna Be

Old Friend, new Friend,
Blue Friend, glue Friend,
One Friend,
Two Friends,
Friend's Friend's Friend's Friend.

Big Friends, small Friends,
Mall Friends, lull Friends,
Short Friends,
Tall Friends,
Only calls Friend.

Meet Friends, greet Friends,
Like Friends, love Friend,
Hugs and Shrugs
And Tugs and Slug Friends.

O the Friends for Friendly Friend Friends,
O the tends and mends of Good Friends.

(To all - thanks for helping through the move, the homesickness, the happiness, the boredem, the insanity, the fun, and the pleasures of the last month.)
posted by Julie at 5:27 PM


Glad to see your putting you newly found unemployment status to good use. :)

When is it being published?

3/4/06 19:28  

So glad you've finally published a new post. I've been in Julie withdrawal for the past 10 days. I've had to resort to reading your archives (which are awesome and highly entertaining, by the way).

4/4/06 08:48  

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