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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Girl Comfort

Last night I went out with my friends (the lunch ladies) from my old job. It was great. We chatted about stuff going on in our lives, they gave me presents, and we all had great food.

Then on the way home, I talked to Beth (most of the way home - until my battery died) and then for another hour or so after I got home and could plug my phone in.

And it occurred to me that there is nothing as wonderful as good girl friends. Don't get me wrong, if I had my druthers I would spend 117% of my time with Brian, but for some reason Brian doesn't seem to be able to sustain a 2 hour conversation about which shade of eyeliner I'm using this summer (I'm switching from my dusty brown to plum).

Today I got to spend a few hours with Brian before he went to work, and it was great, but never once did our conversation turn to eyeliner. :) Anyway, I think this is something of a break-through for me. I think I've finally learned that I need balance in my life. Yes, I probably desire to spend more time with Brian than with any other one person, but on the flip side, I see how strange my life would be without my girlfriends telling me what should go on the tables at the wedding, and endless (and necessary) details about what makes the perfect pair of jeans.
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Too true.

Funny how you don't realize it until all of your good girl friends live in a different town.

20/4/06 21:55  

Yeah, no kidding. :)

24/4/06 11:19  

Amen to that.

I completely relate.

And concur.

And now I miss you both.

26/4/06 21:38  

it took me two years of marraige to realize he'd never be able to talk to me like a girl. he was probably really happy when the pressure was finally off. :)

4/5/06 15:54  

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