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Monday, April 10, 2006

The Three Seasons Room

A Complete Inventory of the Three-Seasons Room
(at Brian's House)

In case you can't tell, the three-seasons room is not a place of endless summer nights and romantic dinners. The three-seasons room is actually "Project Central". But the good news about that is that I finially finished my little coffee table. It looks great. I'll probably post some pictures soon because I'm very proud of it. Right now (since I made it for the three-seasons room and the three-seasons room isn't ready for a coffee table) it's the night-stand in the guest bedroom, which will be containing guests this week.

posted by Julie at 2:43 PM


OH! Brian reminded me (I almost forgot) we also have in the three seasons room 4 Large Window A/Cs.

11/4/06 12:06  

LOL!!! Sounds formerly like our garage and basement, presently like our basement.

Our "Under the Desk" and "Corner by the Fireplace" are also housing quite a few items.

11/4/06 15:39  

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