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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A Mushy Post

Things Brian and I Have In Common:
  1. We both like OJ (the juice not the guy)
  2. We both enjoy movies
  3. We both think that "The Emperor's New Groove" is one of the best Disney movies.... ever.
  4. We both like my car
  5. We both hate coconut
  6. We both like fast-food
  7. We both like getting mail
  8. We both miss Michigan
  9. We're both night people (or at least not morning people)

Things Brian and I Don't Have in Common:

  1. I like jelly with peanut butter, Brian doesn't
  2. I hate spiders, Brian doesn't
  3. I wear skirts, Brian doesn't
  4. I have straight hair, Brian doesn't
  5. Brian drives an Audi, I drive a Honda
  6. I was from the "East Side", Brian was from the "West" (of Michigan - if you're from Michigan you know how much that actually means)
  7. Brian likes his cereal crunchy, I like my cereal to be soggy
  8. I think dark purple is a legitimate color to paint a laundry room, Brian doesn't
posted by Julie at 1:36 PM


You forgot stainless steel appliances. Stainless steel appliances make me want to get hypothermia and die.

but I'm sure they're really nice.

Am I still invited to your wedding or do you have a hit out on me now?

25/4/06 16:01  

so I'm sensing some bitterness behind the purple laundry room one?!?

25/4/06 19:14  

I vote that dark purple is a legitmate color too.

You forgot you both love gummy bears!

25/4/06 20:21  

Janelle: Oooooooh! Good call! You could build an entire relationship on the love of Gummy Bears!

Tif: No, no bitterness here, just a guy who thinks dark purple isn't a good color. Nope. No bitterness. I'm fine about it.... really. I mean, what's one more white room? Nope. No bitterness. :)

Doug: Long time no talk. Yeah, you're still invited. Can you bring your violin? Haha! Just kidding.

25/4/06 21:11  

Tell Brian to ask Vince what he thinks about dark purple.

Our guest bathroom is Great Grape. He hated the idea of a "K-State" bathroom. Out-voted by wife, mother and mother-in-law he did what ever good husband would do. He gave in.

Now he likes it. Funny, eh?

26/4/06 09:26  

Brooke: LOL! K-State Bathroom! LOL!! That cracks me up!

27/4/06 11:08  

my offer stands at the spoons. Either that or me flicking myself on the side of the mouth while changing pitch. It's a limited range instrument, but an art in itself.

28/4/06 17:04  

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