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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Things That Feel Good

  1. Getting our invitations out in the mail yesterday and it already being on the table when I got home (to Jeff and Margo's) tonight.
  2. Seeing the sun for more than 2 hours at a time (it has been raining here for literally the last 7 days).
  3. Getting a back scratch.
  4. Sleeping so hard you don't move at all and you wake up with a big crease down the side of your face.
  5. Getting an unexpected gift in the mail (of course I couldn't open it because it's addressed to Brian, but it's from Bed Bath and Beyond, it's definiately for both of us..... right?).
  6. Eating apple sauce with cheese tortillini for dinner.
  7. Getting tanner (as opposed to pinker).
  8. Eating chocolate cake (no, I haven't had any chocolate cake recently, but I can day-dream can't I?).
posted by Julie at 9:55 PM


What about finding out your AZ cousin wants to keep in touch with you? ;) Julie, I'm loving your blog. And you guys should think about AZ for your honeymoon. Even though I don't know what your big date is.

18/5/06 04:01  

Just got my invitation in the mail - looks good! By the way, I don't think I've told you yet ... I was given a new kitten about two weeks ago -- Howie's wedding gift to me! He's a Maine Coon -- what a handful! :) Anyway, we're figuring everything out for that weekend and hopefully we'll be able to make the fun! Take care - we'll send the reply to your mom soon. Don't stress yourself out too much... I'm helping Janelle Whitney with her programs this weekend at her new house in Clio, so I'll be back in the midst of wedding planning world again! :) Later!

18/5/06 18:48  

Trace - Wedding planning.... ugh. :)

Andy - Hey! Welcome! We may not HONEYmoon in AZ, but there's a very good possibility that we WILL becoming out next May....

19/5/06 09:17  

I got my invitation the other day. Are there any hotels in your area?

I wrote down 2 people attending because I'm bringing a bottle of simple green. In case I want to clean my hotel room or something.

22/5/06 19:22  

Doug, the hotel information is on the back of the picture strips. ;) And yeah, bring whomever (or whatever) you like, but you better come, doggonit! Or else....

22/5/06 22:17  

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