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Thursday, May 25, 2006

I Have Nothing New Really

I don't really have anything new to say, but that has never deterred me from writing before so, I why should it now, right? So, here are the details of my not unusual days since I have last posted.
So, there are the mindless details of life. :) Maybe next time I'll have something more profoud to say.
posted by Julie at 8:56 PM


Have fun with teaching addition and subtraction! I thought teaching it to 6&7 year olds was bad enough, teaching to adults is just plain werid! I have lots of kiddie resource books if you need them. :) Juat be prepared for people counting on their fingers.

25/5/06 22:49  

LOL! Thanks for the tip. And yeah, I might need some kiddie resource books. LOL! These are people who didn't pass the math placement test into algebra, so I'm hoping that at least some of them just didn't want to bother with the test and just filled in circles. I've heard of that happening before.

27/5/06 09:52  

Good luck with the class Julie! I've actually taken a pre-algebra course through my local community college. There were a few of us who were in command of the subject matter, but the prof had to kind of crack down b/c many of the students were really immature. It was unfortunate. Hopefully you have a better experience.

27/5/06 14:47  

LOL! Yeah, I kinda doubt I will, but hopefully.... I'll keep you updated.

29/5/06 22:38  

Susan Sarandan just was on a tv series on FX called "Rescue Me" - she's been playing the older woman who wants one of the firemen as her "boy-toy" -- too funny anyway. Yeah, she's still handling the age thing pretty good.

20/6/06 21:32  

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