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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Apparently Fort Wayne Schools Are Out For The Summer

I’m sitting in the public library down by Brian’s house, what was once a haven is now the summer home of smallish children who behave like squirrels on crack. Not that I have anything against smallish children, I’m related to several, and was even one myself at one time, but I noticed that in Fort Wayne, they don’t have the regular kind of librarians. You know, the tight bunned ladies, with pointy noses, that always shush people who are talking any louder than a whispering wind. Nope, these people do not exist in the Fort Wayne public library system. In fact, I don’t know if any of these librarians have even met someone who might be considered a traditional librarian. These librarians are jovial people who smile kindly at smallish children as the literally sprint around racks of books, and skip through the computer lab. They pat the heads of the smallish children who drop books in the high-ceiling, linoleum part of the building. They encourage lots of loud laughing, even louder talking, and on occasion even a little squealing. What is this world coming to? Where have the good librarians gone? Where is Miss Marion Madam Librarian when you need to strike terror in the heart of a smallish child?
posted by Julie at 11:47 AM


Aww, poor Julie. You sound like an old grouch, btw. I don't think you're old enough to be an old grouch. I think you need an iPod.

6/6/06 17:29  

Stay away from I-Pods--don't let yourself get sucked into the fad. Resist, Julie. Resist!

(My Sandisk is better!)

7/6/06 00:10  

iPods are awesome, julie! you should definately get one! ....then you won't even here the smallish children! trust me, i personally use this 'hear what i want to hear' method (with my iPod). it's delightful.

7/6/06 23:25  

I went to a farm store yesterday (yeah I have no idea either) and I found these "pig shocker" sticks. They are about three feet long and have two prongs on the end. Touch something with it and it completes a circut between the two points.

I saw a sticker on it that said "Guarenteed to work on little kids who are running around like squirls on crack" Well it didn't really but i bet it would work. Heck the kids are squeeling anway right?

8/6/06 11:55  

what about the library nazi from PHS?! unless you forget...

8/6/06 19:06  

Chris - Mail me one. :)

I personally have stayed out of the iPod craze. Pretty soon they'll have something cooler like a chip that you can implant in your ears that'll play music. Then you can use it at work, in classes, etc..... wait a minute maybe I'm on to something here.....

Trace - HOW could I forget???

8/6/06 22:14  

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