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Friday, June 02, 2006

I Just Whacked A Mosquito

First of all, Mosquito is just $5 name for Vampire Bug. I am proud to announce that I just ridded the world of yet another e-vil (prounounced E-vile with a capital VILE) Vampire Bug. I saw him loitering on the wall behind the computer at Jeff and Margo's waiting to pounce. So, I cautiously got up and held up my hand to do away with him, but he saw my movement and retreated. The battle got pretty intense when I knocked a lamp into the wall, and I thought my plan of action would fail when I saw him retreat towards the vent. But alas, as he landed on the wall next to the vent my heavy hand beared down hard upon him and I smote him! *evil smile*
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I think you should check this link out:

3/6/06 23:46  

LOL!! Thanks for the heads up. :) I'll see you this weekend, right?

5/6/06 08:47  

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