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Monday, August 14, 2006

Do You Know The Kind Of Day?.....

  1. That you get woken up out of stage five slumber by your ringing cell phone at 9:30?
  2. That you get your day started at 11 and it's not a Saturday?
  3. When everything takes twice as long as your expecting it to?
  4. When only half of your four students come to class (you do the math)?
  5. When it sprinkles all day but never rains?
  6. That all the food in your house takes "too long to make" but the most complicated item in the house is cereal?
  7. You never seem to wake up?
  8. Walking out to the mailbox seemed like an accomplishment?

Because if you know that kind of day, you know what kind of day I'm having. Bleh. When Brian left at two this afternoon we had literally done nothing but read a little, eat a little, and shower. It is definately a lazy day.

posted by Julie at 6:59 PM


Yeah, I know that kind of day. Embrace it. Love it.
Here's a joke:
Q. What happens when only two of your four students shows up to class?
A. You do the math.
Lol, get it? because they're not there, you end up doing it... hahaha...Okay, I just couldn't help it.

16/8/06 11:43  

The crazy thing about 'those kind of days' is that I know when I first get out of bed...and then it is a downwards spiral.

17/8/06 09:05  

There's a line to a John Mayer song that says it all "Its the kind of morning that lasts all afternoon".

25/8/06 10:54  

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