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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I'm Feeling...

  1. Conspicuous (I'm typing this from a computer hooked up to a monsterous projector at work.)
  2. Tired (I have been wierdly tired lately. Don't know why)
  3. Excited (I got training today at work on how to use the "black box" in the classroom which is basically the computer system).
  4. Hungry (so far for dinner I have had a half of a bowl of Smart Start and a bag of Cheetos).
  5. Accomplished (I have already updated my students' grades - and it's only the second day of class)
  6. Relieved (Brian has tomorrow evening off and he gets to go to church with me).

posted by Julie at 9:45 PM


Pregnant already huh? ;)
(I just had to be the first to do that to you.)

And I suppose that with the power of the Black Box you can control the nerve center of the whole building, or perhaps... the world?

Have a nice evening with Brian!

9/8/06 12:53  


I am on the verge of controlling the whole world at any given second. LOL!!

14/8/06 19:06  

I want Cheetos I sit here and do nothing...

16/8/06 11:40  

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