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Thursday, August 03, 2006

If I Didn't Know Any Better....

I'd say that
posted by Julie at 2:13 PM



Ha, ha. :-) The visual I get when I think of that is making me giggle.

And...I agree about the monsters and about the teachers. Sigh.

3/8/06 23:06  

Yeah, the nail polish thing doesn't work. I've tired it and failed many many many times.

Like Mare, I am too visual. I now have images of Newman walking up to your mailbox every day.

Boo hiss, summer is almost over. Hey, are you guys coming to Jamie's wedding next weekend?

4/8/06 10:30  

We weren't invited. So, we're going to a wedding in Leo. :(

4/8/06 20:11  

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