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Thursday, August 17, 2006

I Blame Joni Mitchell

I blame Joni Mitchell for my yearly summer break-down. And here's why.

Everyone knows that I suffer from a rare disorder in which I periodically listen to Christmas music during a non-Christmas season. Well, I fell off the wagon again, and found myself digging frantically through my Christmas collection to find all my favorite songs, but then somehow.... somewhere (mid-panic) I had an epiphany. The reaosn I do this every year (and sometimes several times a year) is because of Joni Mitchell. If it weren't for Joni Mitchell, my break-downs my never happen! Here's how. I like (no, love) Joni's song "Both Ways Now", it's a favorite. And every time I get an urge to hear it, I pop in the "Love Actually" sound-track. Which is the CD that I own with that song on it. For those of you who don't know, "Love Actually" is a Christmas movie, so when I pop in the CD, it goes from Joni, to "White Christmas", and well, you know how addicts are. So, I say it's Joni's fault that I am unstable.

I wonder if I could sue?......... Just joking of course
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Okay - I feel really stupid. I read your blog and said "Who is Joni Mitchell?" I honestly have no clue who you are talking about!

On a side note, I am not a binge Christmas music listener in werid times of the year, however I usually break out my music by Oct. 31st at the very latest, sometimes mid-October. It is so sad that there is so much good Christmas music out there and so little time to listen to all of it!

19/8/06 20:46  

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20/8/06 21:40  


Joni Mitchell =

(first time was a bad link).


20/8/06 21:41  

Janelle - Amen, sister.

21/8/06 21:38  

there is nothing wrong with Christmas music in August
or September
or October
or November
or December
or January
or February
or March
or April
or May
or June
or July.

Although, sometimes, in December, it does get a bit old. :P

22/8/06 14:09  

Dona - L O L ! ! That is so true it's hilarious.

22/8/06 21:02  

I LOVE Joni Mitchell!

26/8/06 23:33  

Dan! That is NOT Joni Mitchell!

4/9/06 01:18  

jump, for my love. thats on love actually. pointer sisters could take on joni mitchell anyday. word

5/10/06 17:14  

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