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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Attack Of The Half Grown Bangs

I have aggressive bangs. They do their own thing. They lay where they want to lay, they grow how they want to grow, and they have a history of attacking my face when they're too long. The only way to allieviate myself from the anxiety of having another bang attack, is to either keep them trimmed or get rid of them entirely. The agression generally occurs when I want to change my bang-control tactics and go from trimming to losing. This is the change that I have recently made. I have stopped the trimming and started the agonizing process of the growing. It goes without saying to tell you that my bangs have revolted to the new tactic and are now boycotting all conventional bang fasions, and have even started acting out violently. I has chosen, of course, the most vulnerable part of my face to attack - my eyes. The killer bangs tangle themselves into my eyelashes, they poke at my eyeballs, and they have even been bold enough to tickle my nose. Complete anarchy is inevitable. I now face a desicion. Should the violence be tolerated as part of the growing process? Should the antagonistic bangs be subdued with a scissors? I admit I am not adept to bang politics. I am ill prepared for this conflict.
posted by Julie at 3:28 PM


Julie Julie. Just stumbled across your blog...I must proclaim you an artist of the English language. It's so refreshing to read somone who embraces it's quirky-ness. Here's to wordsmithing and long lost cousins!

4/11/06 02:33  

how about a stealth headband?

4/11/06 18:48  

Its, Jim. Its.
Julie I just saw a picture of you in my grandparents' digicam! I miss you guys! Come out and visit us soon, and bring some fab shoes!

6/11/06 02:48  

Jimmy - Hey! Long time no talk! How are you doing?

Beth - Ohhhhh! Good call.

Andy - Actually.... we are coming to Phoenix this spring. :)

7/11/06 15:52  

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