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Monday, December 04, 2006

The Ribbon Budget

After spending an hour (of my very scarce time) and more money than I care to admit at Hobby Lobby this afternoon, I have decided that I need to be put (or put myself) on a very strict Holiday wrappings budget. Before the holidays we set up a "Christmas Master Budget". Meaning that we set aside X amount of money for family, X amount for friends, X amount for each other, X amount for parties, but what we have missed is the wrappings.

I love ribbon. I like shiny ribbon, and dull ribbon, and ribbion with words on it. I like that paper ribbion (raffia?) and the fuzzy ribbon, and that ribbon that curl using the edge of a scissors. I like bows, and knots, and criss-crosses, and layers, and explosions of ribbon. Basically, I like ribbon. Unfortunately, all these ribbon creations take lots of ribbon to explore with, lots of time to create with, and lots of money to buy with. So, after staring at the ribbon longly for quite a while, I have decided that I must incorperate a ribbon budget into the Christmas Master Budget. It's the only way to not alarm my poor husband who thinks wrapping presents are a waste of time. Yes, we need a ribbon budget.
posted by Julie at 8:41 PM


You can wrap for free with newspapers, after all they just throw away the wrapping paper. Remeber: Reuse, recycle, renew.

5/12/06 11:47  

No no no turbo! Just use duc-tape, newspaper, and a big trash bag. You take the present, place in trash bag, fill with newspaper, and wrap the whole thing in tape. Now that says, "I love you. Merry Christmas," like nothing else.

Juls you're disturbed.

How is that for a blue ribbon comment?

5/12/06 12:50  

Once I wrapped a present for Ben in the funny papers and used the leftover pieces to make one of those giant loopy ribbons. But I won't tell Brian that it can be done, I know real ribbons are way more fun.

9/12/06 09:43  

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