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Thursday, December 07, 2006

The House Is Clean!

This is a truly amazing moment for me. As of last night:
  1. The house is glittering with Christmas decor
  2. All the laundry is folded (or hung) and put away
  3. Everything has been freshly dusted and vaccummed (Brian dusted for me - wasn't that sweet?)
  4. The refridgerator is cleaned out
  5. The dishwasher is empty
  6. The newspapers thrown away
  7. The coupons clipped
  8. The gifts are under the tree
  9. The dog is feeling better from his illness
  10. The pantry and refrigerator are stocked

This may not seem like extraordinary accomplishments to any of you, but considering that I do these kinds of activities while I wait for Brian to come home (between 10 and 12 PM), I am really excited to be able to go home tonight and not do ANYthing. I've rented a couple of movies, I've got some projects I would like to work on, but nothing pressing at all. Just time to relax.


posted by Julie at 3:32 PM


Don't you just love that feeling? That is one of my favorite things. Having tons of stuff finished, and then just enjoying how clean and nice smelling the house is. You should totally light some candles, it really adds to it. :D

9/12/06 09:44  

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