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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

That Was Fast!

I got a new job. One week to the day of being "let go", "my department being down-sized", "my job being eliminated". I'm pretty excited about it. It's with a company called Transformations. It's a furniture company. I'm looking forward to starting January 2nd, so there shouldn't be this huge lapse in paychecks.

Brian took me out to celebrate last night after I got out of class. He took me to Uno's (one of the few resturaunts open) where I had clam chowder and this crazily huge peanut butter cup with ice cream. Then we went to Meijer where he got me Gouda cheese (which is my favorite food in the world but we never buy because it's so expensive). So, that was really sweet of him and really fun. It's been a while since we went out and not only looked forward to, but embraced spending money on frivilous things. It was really great.

On the flip side, I have two more days at my current job. Tomorrow, I'll start wearing the Christmas attire. I have a neon red sweater that I wear with a silver sequin belt, and I also have a kelly green sweater that is kinda "Christmasy". I feel like I'm just trying to get through the next two days so that I can enjoy my holidays, and not have to worry about anything work-related. It's really nice to have 10 days off in between jobs and several of those days being holidays.

Since I will be working at Transformations full-time both Brian and I feel the need to start setting aside the extra money for when we have kids and/or for emergencies. And I'm looking forward to being able to pay off some loans more quickly, etc. We now it's going to take a lot of dicipline to not want to just spend everything all willie-nillie, because both of us like to have fun stuff. So, I guess this is a really big oppurtunity for us to learn how to manage our money better. I know it's un-fun, but hey, it will make emergencies less scary. And that is fun.

So, that's my synopsis on my last few days. I feel very undeserving of any favors from God, but yet, I feel like I've gotten a lot of special favors in the last 25 years, so I guess I'll just take them, and be grateful.

Also, wanted to mention that some friends of ours (from Bay City) just had a baby in an emergency C-Section. Long story short the mother (Rebekah) had eclempsia, which is fatal, so they had to get the baby out as soon as they could cut her open. So, the baby was born at 28 weeks (which is no where nearly enough time to be developed). Fortunately, the baby seems to be doing well, and they have every hope that Rebekah will be fine too, but just keep them in your prayers. Not just for their survival, but for any health problems that they may/may not experience later, and for the financial situation of a young couple having a baby in the hospital for months.

And that's all for now. I think. Yup. That's all I got.
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Congrats on the new job! You are fast! Are we going to be able to see you guys over Christmas up here in B.C.?

I went to see Chad & Rebekah today. Rebekah is doing much better. The doctors are really pleased with how little Tess is doing too. They say she is a fighter. They were in pretty good spirits this evening.

19/12/06 21:04  

who cut the Gouda cheese?

20/12/06 12:41  

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