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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I've Missed My Calling

I think I should have been a cook. Not that I'm even remotely good at cooking (to date I have never made good rice - I've even screwed up instant rice), but I love to cook. Every morning I get up and first things first - I pack lunches. This is one of my favorite times of day. Sam's still in bed, Brian's up and about and I get "creative" (read: weird) with the leftovers. This morning for example, Brian had made an incredible pork tenderloin the other evening (Brian, on the other hand is a good cook), and I shredded the leftovers, squeezed in BBQ sauce, and put it in a sandwich. Anyway, I love making the making lunches part of my day.

But even more fun is the dinner making part of my day. Brian and I get home about 30 minutes apart, and he takes Sam out, throws together a salad or potatoes or something, insert laughs, mail sorting, and dishes, and viola! Dinner! I love making dinner. It's especially fun when you and the person(s) that you're making dinner for (and with) like the same things. For an example no matter what I make, some variety of cheese is added. Last week I made my special double cheese and spinach chicken. Tonight I'm going to makes cheesy chicken enchiladas. Yes, even though almost everything I make is either under or over cooked, I love to cook.

Isn't that a travesty? I cook all the time, and yet my muffins are lumping, my breakfast strata is runny, my rice is burnt to the pan, and my potatoes are bland. Incredible. But, with Brian and I being on first shift now, I'm certainly getting a lot of practice, so maybe some day....

The next thing I want to learn is Chex-mix. I love Chex-mix.
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Good luck...Chex mix is hard to mess up!

30/1/07 22:59  

LOL! I'll find a way!

31/1/07 08:56  

Ah, yes. There is no 'sense of accomplishment' quite like successfully messing up one of those "it's so easy there's no way you can mess it up" recipes.

1/2/07 13:28  

anonymous - agreed. :)

1/2/07 16:48  

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