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Thursday, February 01, 2007

How Many Tubes Of Chapstick Can Fit Across The Top Of A Keyboard?

Apparently, seven can fit comfortably. Maybe eight if you're in a bind and can't find another place to keep your chapstick. The real question is: What kinds of Chapstick?
posted by Julie at 1:35 PM


You have the wrong kind of keyboard. On those old fashioned ones you could get 8 across the top above the "F" keys, and 8 more below the "F" keys. My keyboard at work won't hold any.

Old keyboards really are the best. Not only did they hold chapsticks, they also clicked as you typed. And nothing makes me feel like a fast typer like hearing that "clickclickclick."

It was good to see you this weekend, too... even though we didn't talk much. :)

1/2/07 16:41  

OOOOOH! You're right! You can fit lots more across the top of the F keys. I didn't think of that, because mine is a little tucked under my monitor right there. I'll reserve it for emergencies.

Yes, I know, I don't like new keyboards either. The fastest I ever typed was about 35-40wpm so, I really need the help to make me feel like I'm typing ferosiously. :)

1/2/07 16:47  

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