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Monday, February 05, 2007

Cool Weekend (literally)

Brian and I had one of the best weekends this weekend. First of all it is freezing in Indiana. Right now, for example, it is -4 degrees. Yes, negative 4. It is really cold, and mostly Sam never wants to go outside to go potty. So, on Friday night we went to Hobby Lobby so that I could spend the gift certificate his mom gave me for my birthday. We got a bunch of stuff that we have been meaning to buy and never got around to it. Then we went home and decorated. Which was really fun for me. I don't think Brian was exactly ecstatic, but he didn't complain and he really liked it once it was all up.

Then on Saturday, I had a heated stone massage, and Brian dropped me off at the spa and went to Best Buy to look at computers, because he got lots of Best Buy gift certificates for Christmas, and he's been drooling over laptops for months now. So, he went to Best Buy, and when he picked me up from my massage, he hadn't gotten one and was kinda depressed, because every time he found one that he wanted they were sold out or it was too expensive. So, we went back to Best Buy and he was eying one that was pretty reasonable, but it was a wide-screen (which I thought defeats the purpose of getting a laptop, but apparently it enhances the purpose of getting a laptop). So, we went home with a new computer. At home, we were kinda cleaning up for our annual super-bowl party and baking and stuff (and Brian was playing with his new computer) and Brian's old roommates called (the Kaeb twins). The two of them, and another person from the Alto area were driving home from Biloxi, MS and they realized that they wouldn't be able to make it home at night because Michigan was getting 12ish inches of snow with 50mph winds, so they stayed at our house over night. Kinda spur-of-the-moment. That was fun. As weird as this sounds - it was fun to be useful to someone.

Then yesterday was our second annual super-bowl party and it was great, but they didn't even put a dent in my double batch of chex-mix. Which... is a "shame" (it actually turned out really well). So, that was our weekend. And I got free lip-gloss out of the deal (My cousin, a Mary-Kay consultant, gave me some lip-gloss for having us over). So, that's pretty much the best thing ever.

And even though it was freezing cold, Brian was not stingy with the heat, so we kept our house pretty warm, and everyone, including Sam, was as cozy as bugs in rugs. It was a pretty great weekend.
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You can't ever go wrong getting a free lip gloss. You could have the worst day ever and if it meant putting up with having that bad day, to get a lip gloss or until you got your lip gloss, you are good to go.

5/2/07 16:06  


6/2/07 08:39  

It's cold in IL too. Today it's snowing. A lot. We're supposed to get 5 or 6 inches. I don't want it. I wish it'd stop. But it's been falling since before I got up this morning, sooo...

I really hope it's okay out at 5 so I can drive home...

6/2/07 11:17  

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