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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ponderings On A Sleepy Week

I have been so sleepy this week. It must be the cold weather and all the shivering I've been doing to stay warm or something. I'm not sure, but I've been really sleepy. Last night, for example, we came home from church and promptly went to bed, where Brian thought we would chat and read and all those things that normal people do at 9:30 when they're not falling asleep. Well, I fell asleep. At 9:31. This has been going on all week. And I think I'm just as bad today. Maybe I need to start exercising. Yuck. Who wants to budge a single muscle when it's -4 out? Anyway, I've gotta do something. It's getting ridiculous. Maybe I'm fighting something off. Maybe there's some Heebie Jeebies going around. And I sure don't want to catch that. Maybe I've been over-booking lately (which is pretty likely) and if that's the case, I dread next week. Maybe it's because it's kinda slowish at work. Who knows. So, this weekend, Brian and I have very few plans. We may do this, we may do that. But mostly I think I'm just going to try to sleep it off.
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Sleep off the sleepy?
You should join a Curves. :D
Hope it gets better soon.

8/2/07 18:18  

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