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Monday, February 19, 2007

Cheerfully Cynical

So, after numerous references from friends to my blog, Brian has decided to read my blog to catch up on our latest "news" (welcome, BK). However, Brian feels like my postings contain a little too much cynicism (I maintain I am realistic, not cynical). So, he suggested that for everything cynical thing that I say, I need to say one cheerful thing as well, which does sound pleasant. So, here goes...

I think I'm going to send around a petition to discontinue to use of the word "spring" for the season between winter and summer, I think it should be referred to as "mud". Puppies are cute. Mud is starting in Indiana. Brian is cute too. All of our beautiful, glistening white snow is starting to turn into slush. CHOCOLATE IS TASTY. By tomorrow it should all be mud (the gross dirt - not the season). Tulips are my favorite flower. And then when I walk Sam, my toes will get wet from all the puddles, and and 41 degree weather will not be warm enough to ever get them warm. Hondas ROCK. So, I will be walking around with freezing cold toes until the end of mud (which should occur sometime around June 15th - whoops two cynicisms in one sentence). Christmas is happy. Shoes are fun. Gr. Yahhh!

On a more neutral note, Brian and I intend on redecorating our living room. I'm really looking forward to that. I thought I was burnt out on painting and such, but I think I'm ready to do this room. It's going to look really nice. We decided to put up a chair rail and paint under it dark blue, and gray on the top. We may be getting new furniture as well. We've been eying up a set at Ashley's Furniture, which is where we bought our table and chairs. So, we'll see. Although I'm really excited to have that room done, I'd rather not actually do all the painting myself, although it would probably be pretty easy painting since there's nothing weird with the walls (no funky little nooks and crannies or anything). So, it will probably go pretty fast. The thing that seems most intimidating to me is the ceiling because we're doing the kitchen, dining area, and living room all at the same time and I'm not a big fan of painting ceilings. But I gotta figure after this room the only unpainted room in the house will be Sam's room, which probably won't get done while we have Sam. It's weird to think that we're almost done redecorating our house. Last year at this time only two rooms were done, and the bathroom was unusable. And now, the house is almost all done. Whoa.
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you are hysterical. i love your cynicism/realism. :)

19/2/07 14:22  

your blog somehow makes the world feel like things are going to be okay

19/2/07 15:02  

unfortunately you neither sound cheerful nor cynical, but oddly afflicted by multiple personality disorder or something like that. It makes it funnier, but not necessarily less cynical. Actually, more hilarious.
Also I'm cynical, so just ignore me. Have a good mud, and come visit us if you get really sick of it. We'll introduce you to Summer.

19/2/07 18:46  

Mud is my favorite season. And now you have some sort of cheerful tourettes syndrome.

20/2/07 12:45  

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