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Thursday, February 22, 2007


I have been an Ebay member for two days now and I can already see it's not healthy.
posted by Julie at 2:39 PM


run away as fast as you can. ebay=dangerous to your bank account. Tell Brian to put you through ebay withdraw ASAP. I can't even look at the site because it is too tempting. I spent many a paycheck on the site when I was in college.

22/2/07 19:44  

Buying off of ebay often seems like too much of a hassle for me. Unless I can't buy the item elsewhere, or it is a really good deal from a reputable seller.

You can increase your bank account by selling all your stuff on ebay.

22/2/07 20:23  

Selling on Ebay is a hassle/pain-in-the-neck unless it's a collectible or small valuable electronic device. (I just have a friend with too much time on his hands do it for me, and give him a cut)

23/2/07 00:40  

Hi. My name is Brooke. I used to be addicted to eBay. One time I bought a really cool leaf-shaped bowl on eBay. It cost $0.99. I was really proud of the bowl. Then someone pointed out that I paid $10.00 for shipping.

23/2/07 12:38  

Ohhh I remember when Brooke did that!!

23/2/07 14:39  

LOL! Me too. And I remember a Pez dipenser incident as well.

23/2/07 16:59  

Who wouldn't forget the Pez dipenser incidents...oh the fun times we had.

23/2/07 21:09  

Okay, so buying 73 Pez Dispensers off of eBay for an art project...not my best moment. But it did make for some great fun!

26/2/07 17:12  

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