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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Something Serious

Have you ever dreaded something that's expected of you so much that you're addicted to it? Something like when you're about to graduate from college and your parents - who have just dished out tens of thousands of dollars - expect you to get a job and stop lounging on their couch on the weekends; but really, you dread finding a job. So, you do tons of research on resume writing and such and hope that you never have to use these skills. Ever felt that way. It doesn't have to be something that big, really. It can be anything. Like dreading going some place - like a social event - so you try on every article of clothing you've ever owned. Sometimes I feel like I have to totally pshyc myself out to enjoy stuff. Is that weird?
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I went to talk with the director of a graduate program yesterday...I was soooo flusterated with myself. Driving there and walking around looking for the office, I was thinking: "what am I doing here, I have no business in this field, they'll think I'm some kinda wacko..." sitting there in the waiting room I'm thinking "what am I doing here, this is crazy, I have no business approaching these people"

The meeting was informative and affirming... she turned out to be human just like me...imagine that.

I think half the fun is the pre- event self-psych-out. Or maybe its the relief that comes afterward. Eustress, right?

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:) Right.

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