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Friday, March 02, 2007

I just bought this dress on ebay. Pretty cute, right? I got it for $65 bucks (+ shipping, of course) which is a very resprectable price for a dress. Well, I didn't think much about it. I figured it was cheaper than you'd see in a store because that's what Ebay does, right? Well, then a co-worker of mine found this on the Bloomingdale's website. Check out the price down in the lower, right-hand corner. Yup, you read that correctly. This dress was originally $425.00 and has now been marked down to $255.00! Am I feeling a little vain right now? Oh, yes I am. I don't think I'll even be bummed if it doesn't fit, or comes and I don't like it. Just the satisfaction of having a dress that was originally $425 (and that I got for $65) is enough excitement for me. Ebay obsession lives on.
posted by Julie at 1:32 PM


Julie...I sense the beginning stages of addiction. Stop while you can!

2/3/07 16:57  

Bloomingdales is expensive. Also, I almost never buy clothes at retail price. Clothes prices are way marked up so that they can have these 50% sales when the season changes.

I was in a Bloomingdales a few months ago and found a casual shirt I liked on sale... for $95. I declined that.

It is not what they price it at that matters, but what its value to you is.

2/3/07 20:55  

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