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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pretty Much The Best Thing EVER

It's almost summer! I hate spring. I loathe spring. (As you well know.) But dealing with all the spring mud, and all the spring gloom, and all the spring allergies (which I'm suffering with today), and all the spring ugliness, spring does have one thing that the other seasons lack. Spring has anticipation. The whole purpose of spring is to alert you that summer is coming. And summer is pretty much my favorite season. This morning I saw something that reminded me that summer is coming. This morning I saw green buds on our little bush in the front. Yes, I saw very green buds. It's wonderful. That may have been the peak of my day (and it's a little sad that my day peaked out in the morning). But it was pretty awesome, because now I know that in a few weeks we will have leaves on the trees. And then the grass will be green, and then it will start getting warm, and then people will start filling their pools, and then... it will be SUMMER! *the crowd cheers* So, for now (especially since I don't have a choice), I will deal with the spring nastiness and the spring allergies, because I anticipate something better.
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I'm pretty sure I smell a good spiritual analogy in there somewhere. :-)

21/3/07 16:07  

Now Jewels I am pretty sure some good news tops the list for your day! Come on admit it.

21/3/07 18:11  

I have spotted your problem. You don't hate spring, you hate spring where you live. Here in Redwood City spring is beautiful, we get a bit of rain, but then some days, like today are amazing. The fresh air and the sunshine are rejuvenating.

21/3/07 19:52  

Spring is luuuuvly...I'm sleeping outside tonight....

22/3/07 23:55  

I am starting to see a pattern here that spring is actually a very pleasant time of the year. For anyone who disagrees with this, please watch the movie Bambi. Just try not to get excited when winter ends and spring arrives with flowers everywhere and everyone falling in love. It may be in the top 5 best movie scenes ever. Really.

23/3/07 17:25  

Thanks BambiK.

26/3/07 15:31  

See, I like fall b/c of anticipation, and the bittersweet aspect of spring is anticipating summer. Such is life across the US - weather will never please everyone.
Today is beautiful, tho.

27/3/07 13:59  

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