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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I Want A Puppy

If you don't want a puppy, I suggest that you avoid this website.
posted by Julie at 4:57 PM


My solution is to have my other family members have pets. All the benefits, including the allergies.

14/3/07 13:13  

I didn't want a puppy.
I looked at the website anyhow.
I still don't want a puppy.

My biggest reason?
Puppies turn into dogs.

Anyways, I'd probably just kill it.
My fish is dead. What do you do with a dead fish??

15/3/07 10:52  

Just flush it. That's what I was going to do with Fergal, but Tifani wanted to bury it I think...

15/3/07 23:02  

Puppies are WAY harder to kill than a fish. Fish are very delicate creatures. I don't know that my family ever owned fish that lived longer than 2 month.

16/3/07 11:01  

Puppies might be harder to kill, but I wouldn't be surprised if I killed one even so. And that'd be even worse, because puppies are bigger than fish ... so then ... And plus, I'd probably be WAY more attached to the puppy.

I need to figure out how to get my dead fish out of the fish tank. Ick.

16/3/07 13:34  

Why is everyone talking about dead animals? My wife finally post a non cynical comment that should evoke thoughts of cheer and all she gets back is death. I realize now just long my beacon of light has been needed.

16/3/07 17:16  

Sorry Brian!

You're right ... it was a perfectly non-cynical post.

16/3/07 19:01  

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