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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm Growing Out My Nails

They're getting long, and the longer and nicer they get the more phsyco I get about them. I have peely nails. They peel like crazy. I am what I would deam a fidgety person and I have several little weird habits. I bite my bottom lip, I bite the inside of my cheek, I twiddle my hair, and of course, I peel my nails. I love to peel my nails. I pick at them until I get a big chunk. It's so satisfying. And it's something I can do without looking too conspicuous. Just in my lap. Yup, I love to peel my nails.

But the consequences of peeling one's nails are dire. Of course they're going to be very thin, and of course they're going to be short, and of course they're going to look tattered. So I went cold-turkey off of peeling my nails about two weeks ago. I started coating them with two coats of a nail hardener called "Hard as Nails". Sometimes the hardener lasts a few days, sometimes close to a week. But my nails do feel hard, and they are getting long, and they have smooth ends. They're wonderful (maybe I'll post a picture this evening).

But now, I'm starting to get weird about my nails. I don't want to wash dishes without gloves, I have to stare at them for at least an hour per day (not all at one time, of course), and everyday Brian is forced to examine them and admire their progress. Frequent nail filing interrupts other projects. Yes, I think my nails are taking over my life. I'm guessing, though that after a few months of them being nice, I'll either get sick of the trouble they cause and start peeling them again, or I'll get used to the maintenance and have nice nails for the rest of my life. At this point I don't really know which way it will go.
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You know, they always say that when you get rid of one addiction/obesession/infatuation, you are essentially redirecting that energy toward something else.

Did you get rid of your eBay addiction?

20/3/07 21:42  

LOL! I was just on ebay yesterday but you would be proud to hear that I didn't buy anything. So, now I must have two obessions worth of energy focusing on my nails. :)

PS. Happy Anniversary.

21/3/07 08:49  

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