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Monday, March 26, 2007

Wedding Whimsy

I was musing about Jake and Meika's wedding over the weekend. It was a terrific wedding. Everyone looked beautiful, everyone was beaming, and the dessert was tasty - which I'm pretty sure, is the definition of a successful wedding. It was great.... uh.... hold on....

*crackle, crackle*
We must be permitted to inturupt our daily programing for this brief announcement:

My fellow women, friends, and co-consumers, it is my unplesant appointment to publicize a chocolate shortage. Yes, the chocolate industry is facing a crisis. Please do not panic. Please remain calm. This is not a joke. This should not be taken lightly. Please restrict any desires to stock-pile. Should an industry shortage occur, rationing will be implemented and strictly adhered to by the Department of Chocolate Security. As the director this honored institution, I promise to keep all Snickers Bars, all six-layer chocolate cakes, all chocolate shakes, and all the other chocolate products safe. It is my humble promise to you. Thank you, and God bless.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programing.
*crackle, crackle*

It was good to see lots of family and friends that I wouldn' t noramally see. The whole wedding brought to mind some memories of other weddings. Here's to you, Jake and Meika, I hope every part of your wedding day was as pleasant for you as it came off to your guests:

Recollections of Wedding Days

Ahh, yes. The things that are going on in everyone's minds at weddings. It's interesting. You know, how I don't associate Mick and Lisa's wedding with their marriage, I associate it with when I started college. It's amazing how we live in our own little spheres and situations are all sifted through the little atmospheres of our own little worlds and inturpretted accordingly. And people say that we're not selfish creatures... :)

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by any chance was the dessert chocolate cake?

27/3/07 20:09  

...or any pictures?

27/3/07 23:13  

I guess the fact that we're all naturally self centered creatures makes it okay that I totally cried on the way home from your wedding going, "Julie left meeeee". Also, I was happy for you.

On a related but different note, could you post or email digital camera pictures of your blue dress so I can see it better? And I don't suppose you'd just ship it to me so I'd have it available for matching shades? :D

28/3/07 09:43  

Julie!! thanks for the kind thoughts about our wedding!! It was truly a blessing. On our flight to Mexico, Meika and I both agreed that we couldn't of asked for any thing more perfect!! We are truly blessed by family and friends and were glad that everyone seemed to enjoy our special day!! What a blessing! looking forward to spending time with you and Brian as couples!! God Bless.

Jake <><

3/4/07 17:04  

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