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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Goal - The Excuse

The Goal:

I was talking to Beth yesterday on the phone, and we decided that I need to post pictures of our house since we have redone every room (except the three-seasons room in the back and the hallway upstairs). It has been a big project to redo this house and it seems like the majority of my conversations (the ones when I'm not talking about my health) revolve around our "projects". So, since it has been such a huge part of my life for the last year, we thought we should post pictures. The only problem with posting pictures of your house, is that if you're showing off how much you've done on your house, it should be tidy and look how you'd like it to look if you had people over.

The Excuse:

Last weekend we had people over for a cook-out, and then were busy Sunday night and last night. And we are going to Michigan on Friday night. So, Thursday night will be panicky laundry/packing and tomorrow night is church so we'll probably have tonight to make the house look tidy enough to take pictures of it (which may or may not be enough time).

But, since tonight is wide open and it may rain (hence preventing our normal bike ride), I'll probably do it tonight (or next week). Don't hold your breath, but it is coming. Hopefully sooner than later.
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yay for pictures!

24/4/07 11:41  

Yay for visiting Arizona! Are we going to have a Waibel family dinner at some point? Let me know!

24/4/07 13:40  

Andrew - I've been trying to call and have had rotten luck. I'll try again. :)

24/4/07 16:55  

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