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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Misc. News Items

  1. Last night, after not eating fries hardly ever, I ate one large A&W fry and part of Brian's. Let's just say I felt ugh.
  2. Arizona details: We're taking a long weekend in Phoenix, AZ in a couple of weeks to go to Beth and Ben's marriage blessing ceremony (there's a real name for it, I just can't recall what it's called - basically they're having their marriage blessed by the Catholic church). We're super excited (I'm excited because I'm dying see Beth and to get away from the pathetic spring we're experiencing, and Brian's excited because he's never been to Arizona). Anyway, we're both really excited. It seems like we've known that we were going for a really long time and then we got our tickets and now it seems real.
  3. My Sudoku calendar is getting easier which leaves me to ponder if I'm getting smarter or if I've just hit an easy run.
  4. Brian and I have started "training" to go on a long bike ride. We plan on biking from Fort Wayne to Lake James (which is 50 miles one way). We think that we can ride up one day, get a hotel, and ride back the next day. Truthfully, it will probably take more training to get to a point where the seat of the bike doesn't leave me crippled than getting my body into shape enough to handle the 50 miles. Maybe I should screw a folding chair to seat. I could sit in folding chair for 5 hours easy.
  5. Thursday night and Saturday are designated as cleaning times. At the very least I do laundry make sure the dishwasher is empty for more than three minutes, Windex the bathrooms, but last week I missed because we spring-cleaned Sam's room (which was crazy since we use it as an attic and since Sam insists on getting food all over - I mean what does he do? Dig in it??). So, now we are running out of clean clothes and the bathroom looks like all the hair I've lost in the last month is having a reunion. So something has to be done. Fortunately, it's Thursday night. Unfortunately, I have two weeks worth to clean up in one night and Brian has a training tomorrow so when he would normally be able to do some things, he's going to be working. Oh well. Saturday's coming up too.
  6. Tomorrow night Brooke and Vince and Brian and I are going to see a high-school play. Actually, Michelle is directing it and it's her first ever. So, that's pretty fun.
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I got a bike a few months ago, and the dang seat hurt SO BAD. I finally went out and spent $30 on an old-school padded saddle-type seat complete with chrome springs. That clunky eyesore is worth its weight in diamonds!

20/4/07 15:30  

LOL! I believe it. We went biking again last night and I feel a little better, but I'm still sore. I think I might take that advice.

20/4/07 16:17  

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