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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Our House

Sam helping Brian with his paper work (and probably with his popcorn).

Our "beach" bathroom/laundry room

The coffee table that I tiled last year.

The guest room which looks a lot better in the sun than it does in the dark, which is ironic, because guests only sleep in it at night. Anyway, all those pictures on the wall are the center-pieces from our wedding. We have almost 100 pictures of Brian and me growing up on our walls in our guest room. My brother, Jeff calls it our ego-centric room.

Brian eating popcorn/watching TV/sorting papers/looking cute in the family room (oh! and there's Sam, biting/scratching himself)

I love this lamp. And I love those weeds. So, I had to take a picture of those, even though Sam has almost completely annihilated the weeds on the left.

Our kitchen

Our latest project was our living room. We just got our furniture a week and a half ago. Our living room has turned into the best place to sit and read. It's quiet and sunny (during the day. during a sunny day) and comfy.

Our main bathroom. This was one of the first rooms done. It was quite a project.

Sammer's room. That's his bed/kennel and his dining room, and a little library for his down-time while Brian and I are at work.

Our blue room. This is where the ironing gets done.

Our room. If you're wondering why Brian's khaki colored pillowcase (on the right side) is so pristeenly crisp and why mine is so wrinkly, it's because mine wasn't ironed.

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Is that a pacifier on your guest bed??
Nice pictures.

26/4/07 10:52  

Yeah, my niece, Emma was over, and left her pacifier on the bed where she was playing

26/4/07 12:55  

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