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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Fourth Most Expensive Purchase

I'm not counting, of course, the mortgage which I'm still technically not on yet. So, besides that item, the most expensive thing I've ever purchased was my $10,000 car. Not a ridiculous or frivolous expense by any stretch. Most Americans would be ashamed to sit the drivers seat of a car that only cost $10,000.

The next most expensive purchase I bought was my wedding dress which sat on my credit card for one week before getting paid off by my mom. So, that doesn't really count either.

When I was in high school, I bought a keyboard instead of getting a class ring. So, my parents chipped in a couple hundred bucks, and I saved (with much sweat and blood) another 300 and my second most expensive purchase was a really sweet keyboard, which later became the dustiest surface in my apartment and then sat in a box after a move for months and was finally borrowed to someone who actually took it out of the box and *gasp* actually used it.

My fourth most expensive purchase was this past weekend. And it was my bike. Yes, we finally broke down and got my bike. It's pretty much awesome. Brian wouldn't let me get one of those awesome bike horns with the squeaky bulb on the end (apparently those lose their cool after you reach the age of eight - who knew?), so we compromised and I got a "tasteful" bell. It's really little and it has this little rubber knob that you flick and it'll ding. Quite loudly. So, I got the bell, but no basket. I have yet to come up with an excuse good enough for getting a basket (I mean besides the obvious convenience of have something in which to you put your important things i.e. a purse, a phone, a tent, etc). The one basket I want is a little white wire one. It is quite chic. But, nope. No basket. So, I have a basketless bike with a very loud (though elegant looking) bell.

Anyway, the bike rides really well. We went out for a 13 mile ride yesterday. It was pretty nice, but for some reason I was totally pooped the rest of the day. Some people were like, "of course you were pooped! You biked 13 miles!" But really, biking 13 miles isn't half as bad as you might think it is. You don't even have to try to hit 10 mph on a bike. So, really I shouldn't have been so tired. I blame the sun. I got a little pinkish (read: burnt), and you know how the sun zaps you out. So, yup. I blame the sun. I was in bed (well, not asleep but in bed with the lights out and the A/C on by 9:30). Anyway, so we're looking forward to more bike rides this summer. Brian's happy because he has his bike back (I was riding his bike) and I was happy because I had a new fourth most expensive purchase (well I wasn't happy to spend a ton of money, but I am happy that it's on something I'll actually use and not another tambourine for my collection).
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My 4 most expensive purchases to date: an 8x10 piece of paper with my name and K-State's "seal" on it, my car, a wash machine, and a dryer.

None of them qualify as "fun stuff." But hey, they're all working for me these days, so that's good, right??

30/5/07 10:43  

right. ;)

30/5/07 16:42  

I have so far only had two expensive purchaces since my moving out... a laptop, and a digital camera. Next on my list is a car... scary. Oh, and Julie, if you ever get sick of your beautiful green (my fav. color)bike just let me know. Just Joking. I am glad you got such an awesome bike. You should get the basket, it would look awesome with the bike.

30/5/07 22:51  

Hm... a nice loud bell is a great idea.

31/5/07 23:15  

A new bike...that's exciting, Julie! Was it hard to spend the money?

3/6/07 22:16  

Daisha - LOL! Always, but Brian had talked me into it several weeks before we got it, so comparatively speaking - it wasn't that hard to spend the money.

4/6/07 11:31  

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