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Monday, December 17, 2007

People Just Don't Write Thank-You's Quite Like They Used To...

The following is a thank you note from my cousin, Paul, to my Uncle Jim and Aunt Marlene. Apparently, he spent some time with them, and their four daughters (Beth, Deb, Wendy, and Natalie). I'm guessing by the date that he was 9 or 10 years old when he wrote this. My cousin, Beth, found it recently added comments (in red) and forwarded it on. My comments are in green. I can not possibly keep up with his eloquence. Hope you enjoy!

August 22, 1978
8:51:35 I assume this was the exact time...

My Dearest Uncle James Albert Ramseyer and Family,

It is my wish to in some small way convey my deepest appreciation for the many kindnesses bestowed upon me. It has recently dawned upon my realization what great effort was put forth by you and other members of your wonderful family during my perfectly lovely stay. Words fail to express my deepest joy at being able to spend a week at your place of abode. I was perfectly enraptured, enchanted, encharmed. I wish I knew "encharmed" was a word, I would have been using it more frequently.
Since my delectable stay it has been made known that my dearest cousin Debra has fallen in to misfortune. Deb busted her leg on that fated skateboard and needed surgery. My mind fails to find words to express my heart felt sympathy. It is my deep wish and fond expectation to find her healthy and hole not a misprint upon our reunion.
I wish to express my unbounded gratitude for the effort of you and Clifford Jones to bring about a most delightful fishing excursion. Please extend my gratitude to him.

Your Sincerest Nephew and cuz
Lovingly Gotta love the second farewell
Paul Alan Getz

I mean, what a great thank you note! It doesn't get much better than that!
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PS. Did you notice my subtle hint to Christmas in editing?

17/12/07 09:06  

Loving the red and green.

17/12/07 09:10  

Did Paul just get his first thesaurus before writing this letter?

17/12/07 10:23  

that is hysterical. was he being funny, or was he serious?

19/12/07 11:36  

Uhhhh.... hard to say. I've only known him as an adult, but from what I know about him, I think he probably knew it was over-the-top but he probably thought that if he had to write a thank-you, it might as well be a good one (a little along the same lines of Anne Shirley giving her apology to Rachel Lynd).

19/12/07 13:22  

I'm stealing it. That's some seriously good thank you-ing.

20/12/07 17:45  

That is SO Paul!!! Yes, he was most definitely being funny. On the other hand, being funny is a lot like breathing for Paul. I don't think he really has to try. it just pours out of him like that. I do agree with your assessment that he was told he had to write one so he made an effort to have fun with it.

25/12/07 15:05  

I'm getting the Anne with an E Shirley analogy. Niiice. I really got a kick out of this.

Merry Christmas!

29/12/07 22:52  

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