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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I Wasn't Going To Gloat But....

I'm feeling quite smug. This evening I did two things for the first time (in my life) and I did it by myself. First of all, I lit a charcoal grill (this is a feat for anyone who has never tried to light a charcoal grill without lighter-fluid). And I stopped the toilet from running. And now Brian is on his way home to eat juicy hamburgers and American Fries in the blissful peace of not having to pay a high water bill. Yep. I'm feeling pretty cool right about now.
posted by Julie at 7:26 PM


Good job!

How do American fries differ from the regular kind?

12/6/07 23:08  

American fries are chunks and they're fried stove top instead of deep fried. They're kinda like hash browns only they're not shredded. Half fry, half hash browns. Like Bob Evans. Hey are you coming for Wally World this year? I thought I heard through the grape vine that you were thinking about it.

13/6/07 09:47  

I know how you feel... sometimes you just get that helpmeet thing down. Brag away.

13/6/07 10:52  

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