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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Quilt Time

I love how this one turned out. I think it looks really whimsical and sweet. It was actually for Jaret and Shar's little bundle of joy, who came into this world... 6 months ago. Ugh. I know, I'm terrible at timing. But I'm glad everything went smoothly and it turned out.

This is a picture of the entire quilt. I read an article about a quilt show once where these ladies from some extremely impoverished county down south (in Gee's Bend, Alabama) were sent all sorts of clothes from charity organizations. In fact, they were sent so many, that they couldn't use them all and cut them up and made quilts out of them. And the article said that they would make these quilts starting very young and even the oldest women would help. And someone discovered the quilts and made a huge show about for them in NYC, and they were so popular at the show, that they inspired the quilt USPS stamps that you saw last year about this time. Anyway, one of the quilts inspired this one (though mine is certainly not up for any prices in NYC), because it had three panels like this one and lots of textures.

Here is a picture of the flower embellishment. When I saw these buttons I had to have them. Someone (I forget who because it's been so long since I bought them), thought they looked like an old lady, and I said, "That's the point!" :)

Mags staring at the quilt during the photo shoot, wishing that she could step on it. But I told her to stay, and that's exactly what she did. :) Good puppy.

The backing. For some reason you always see pictures of the backing in magazines, so I always take pictures of them, even when the backing is boring (like in this case). It's probably just so if anyone wants to buy it, they can feel assured that there isn't a nightmare causing pattern on the back of their baby quilt.
So, I guess all I need now is a name. Any suggestions?...
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No suggestions for a name, but WOW, I'm impressed!

28/9/08 17:49  

That is a really cute quilt. I bet they will love it! So, will my quilt be 8 more months in coming? ;)

28/9/08 19:47  

i am so impressed that you quilt, and a little jealous that i don't have that sort of motivation. that is a beatiful quilt!

29/9/08 08:06  

Your quilt is beautiful. I didn't know that you quilted in your spare time.

Congrats on the sub job....I guess we won't have our day long emails anymore......but yeah!

29/9/08 13:50  

julie, we love it!! i'm so glad you posted it on here. we're so honored to have received this.

7/10/08 00:16  

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