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Thursday, August 28, 2008

A New Look

OK, so I'm pretty much going nuts. It seems like my life has come to a screeching halt. Beth wondered if maybe I had prayed for patience lately. :) So, I thought since I can't really do anything productive, I may as well find a new super awesome template for my blog. So here it is. Let me know if you like it.
posted by Julie at 6:21 PM


PS. That's not me or my hand.

28/8/08 18:24  

I enjoy it...kind of like the hand is going to reach out and slap me for wasting too much time on blogger...ouch!

(this is probably funnier in my head than in reality)

28/8/08 21:59  

I like it!

28/8/08 22:02  

I love it and want to know how you did it?

29/8/08 13:31  

Oh yeah, and why has your life come to a screeching halt? 'sup?

29/8/08 13:33  

I was looking at other peoples blogs yesterday and some of them (even though they had blogger) had really sweet templates. So I just googled "free blog templates" and there were a few sites that came up. Anyway, some of them weren't very easy to upload, and this one you just copied the html code into your template html and it just pops up. It's pretty cool. My life has come to screetching halt because I keep trying to move forward and then not getting anywhere. It's a little frusterating.

29/8/08 14:14  

it looks kind of 'technological'. looks like it's touching a computer screen or something. so a good fit, i'd say.

29/8/08 14:43  

Weird! Where did you find the template? I'm bored with mine. :)

9/9/08 21:16  

I was going to say you need to figure out how to lighten the background picture or darken/bold the text, but after thinking about it a little more I think it's great the way it is. ;)

16/9/08 13:10  

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