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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

School and Praxis

OK, so I'm officially done with my first class. I even got my grade already. I'm pretty happy with it. Granted, this is the second time I've taken Educational Psychology, so I may have had a head start, but that was also 6 or so years ago. So, I'm just going to go ahead and pat myself on the back anyway (not like I don't do that enough).

I bought a pair of shoes last night at Marshalls. They're black strappy heals. I really needed a pair of black strappy heals for church, but I also justified them as a good student teaching shoe. See how black strappy heals are just plain useful? I really wanted this pair of ivory shoes (not sure what I'd wear them with, I haven't owned anything ivory for years). They were toe-peeks with a pretty nice, tall heal, and they had this little strip of lace-up at the ankles. Kinda hard to explain. I was looking for a picture of them, but I couldn't find them. Apparently, when Nine West sells their shoes to Marshalls they drop off the face of the earth (read: Internet). Anyway, they were super cool and trendy, but Brian hated them and started to threaten to buy a motorcycle, so I put them back. But they were pretty stinking awesome. All this is to say that I feel like I need to start stocking up on cloths for student teaching. For the last 2 years, the most serious thing I wore to work was jeans (and that's a dressy day). So, I need to stock up, because if I buy a whole bunch of "serious" clothes all at once I bust the ol' budget.

Which brings me to the Praxis. OK, so I hate tests. And as far as I can tell, the Praxis is just a big, mean test that I have to take if I ever want to be a teacher. Ugh. So, I'm going to start studying for it. I've decided to not be nervous about it (however just writing about it makes me a little ill), because it's just math. That's supposed to be what I'm good at. My concern is that I'll find out math isn't really what I'm good at. So, I'm going to study. I've organized a little study group of fellow not-sure-if-I-should-be-a-math-teacher students, and we meet for the first time tonight. I'll keep you posted on how we do.
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Aaron would like a reason to buy a motorcycle. Perhaps I should find some more ugly plaid pants...which I love and he hates. To date, he has not thought of Brian's idea--threatening to get his motorcycle if I wear ugly plaid pants, and so, to date, I still wear ugly plaid pants (except I think they're lovely).

You'll do great on the Praxis. I made it, and it was a long day, but the tests were not as bad as I imagined them to be. Well...the subject area ones weren't. Praxis III is still looming in front of me.

17/6/08 22:08  

When Julie says "pretty happy with it" about her grade, she really means, "I scored more points than were even offered and my teacher thinks I'm a genius." Really.

Also, M, let Aaron know that I will be calling him shortly to scheme a way for us to get a motorcycle. I am guessing that enough plaid shorts and ugly shoes will distract the two of you long enough for us to figure out some place between Fort Wayne and Van Wert that we can hide a 1985 Yamaha V-Max.

17/6/08 22:41  

Michelle - I have a pair of ugly green plaid shorts which I, of course, love dearly and that Brian let me buy because it was between the ugly green plaid shorts and the ugly yellow plaid shorts (and to some reason - unknown by me, he thought ugly green plaid shorts were the lesser of the evils). LOL!

18/6/08 13:24  

HahAhAHAHA! I miss you guys.

We are currently moving and will be for the next few weeks (yea...I feel like I'm getting nowhere fast), but after that, we will have to have a house breaking in party.

I'm up for some Knudstrup laughs.


18/6/08 22:56  

oh test schmest. they're never as bad as you think they're going to be, just tedious. you WILL do great.

I didn't have to take the Indiana test, or the MI one for that matter, but I took to really long ones in Texas. They were so long that I eventually realized that I could miss A LOT of questions and still get a passing score- I was already hired so who cared what the actual score was?

Hey- am I seeing you this summer or what?

19/6/08 08:23  

"Anyway, they were super cool and trendy, but Brian hated them and started to threaten to buy a motorcycle, so I put them back."

Brian never struck me as the motorcycling type. It cracks me up that he hated the shoes so much that he resorted to threats.

19/6/08 08:41  

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