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Sunday, May 04, 2008


So, I started school yesterday. I made Brian take pictures of me on my first day of school because "I've never been to college for the second time before." LOL! Which brings me to my point (did you notice that my prelude was shorter than usual? It's because it's after 11 PM and I should be in bed).

While I was growing up there were a lot of "celebrations". We celebrated everything that was worth any sort of commemorating. Even unworthy events were sometimes honored. But at my house, going to school was a big deal. Every school achievement was a marked triumph. Don't get me wrong, my frugal parents rarely bribed us with money for good grades, but good grades were praised and lauded, and each graduation - kindergarten and college alike - were attended and enjoyed. Yup. My family knew how to celebrate a good education. You may have thought, if you were my childhood friend, that I was either an only child or from a family that hadn't heretofore had any high school graduates, so earnest and participatory were my parents.

So, going back to school for me is a really big deal. I bought a new bag (for my new laptop) and new pens and pencils and a new note book, and I even splurged and bought index cards just in case I would actually do anything in school other than "wing it". I picked out an outfit (side note: I didn't wear the outfit I had picked out so Brian, without prompt, ironed my favorite black, long-sleeved t-shirt so I would feel more comfortable - that was the sweetest thing). I curled my hair, I wore my favorite pair of heals, and didn't pack a lunch so I would have an excuse to go out if the other students were going some place for lunch.

Yep. It was a big deal. And as I flung my new bag with my new pens and new notebook over my shoulder, I felt exactly like I did when I was five and wearing white knee high socks, with brown Mary Jane's and a little plaid rap-around skirt and a buttoned down blouse (much to my chagrin, I hated blouses back then). And I still feel a little like I'm five. Kinda giddy, mostly corny, but really, really, really excited. And that's all that counts.
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You're so brave. Seriously, weren't you scared? I'd be throwing up. I'm a wimp like that. Good thing I have a friend like you to be such a good example for me.

7/5/08 09:47  

Awwww - it's school great?! (and I'm not even joking about that) School is kind of like my home away from home.

P.S. Brian gets extra points for ironing your shirt.

9/5/08 07:53  

Thanks for the extra points Brooke. I think I have quite a few stored up after the ironing and putting in new carpet. I wonder sometimes why God didn't make more of me.

12/5/08 16:53  

Julie--I'm glad that somebody's excited about school. Will you be attending classes in the fall as well? Because if you're not, I mean, you could share some of my load. You get the school experience, I get the's all good ;]

13/5/08 00:32  

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